Societal Find – Board Regarding ED. Shut Estimates – 90-Passenger School Vehicles – – 1:00 P.M

Social Observe Giles State Panel out of Studies is actually accepting sealed offers getting seventy-five (75) personal computers having scholar Desktop computer laboratories. For specifications, please get in touch with Shana Woodard from the 931-363-5486 or email anyway offers should be acquired inside the.

State Courtroom Schedule –

With the Respectable Members of The new Board Out of COMMISSIONERS GILES County, TENNESSEE I HEREBY Fill in Next Declaration Roll call Legal Unlock Prayer Pledge off Allegiance into the Banner of the You away from The united states Recognition Off Times of one’s Oct 18.

AMBULANCE Committee Moments – (unapproved)

AMBULANCE Times Out-of Fulfilling ble, Chairman, David Adams, Terry Harwell (absent), Duane Jones, Gayle Jones to own Brad Butler (absent), Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard Other Commissioners: Harold Brooks, Bill Cary, Mike.

Regional Considered Commission Minutes –

GILES Condition Regional Believe Commission Minutes Out-of Fulfilling ATTENDEES: People in payment – Scott Stewart, President, John Haislip, Malcolm Moore (absent), Bill Myers (absent), Kristen Pfeiffer, Tamieka Russell, and you may Commissioners – David.

School Committee Moments –

GILES State University Panel Appointment Minutes ATTENDEES: Committee participants – President Stoney Jackson, Gayle Jones getting Brad Butler (absent), Mike Cesarini, Erin Curry, Rodney Travels, Judy Pruett, Joseph Sutton Other Commissioners: David.

Environment Committee Minutes – (unapproved)

GILES County Environmental Panel Moments Of Conference ATTENDEES: Committee People: Chairman Erin Curry, Rose Brown, Mike Cesarini, Judy Pruett to own Terry Harwell (absent), Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn Other Commissioners: David Adams.

Finances Committee Times –

GILES State Finances Committee Times Of Conference ATTENDEES: Panel Users – President Erin Curry, Gayle Jones, Judy Pruett, Roger Reedy, Tim Risner, Larry Worsham, David Wamble (absent) Almost every other Commissioners – David Adams, Harold.

Personal Notice Giles State Board from Training try recognizing shut offers for 90-Passenger University Vehicles. Having requirements, excite get in touch with Shana Woodard during the 931-363-5486 otherwise current email address anyway estimates have to be gotten regarding the Work environment from Economic.

Giles Condition Regional Thought Percentage Times – (APPROVED)

Giles State Regional Planning Percentage Moments out of Appointment Users inside the Attendance: Scott Stewart, President, Erin Curry, David Adams, Stoney Jackson, Malcolm Moore, Statement Myers, Kristin Pfeiffer, Roger Reedy, Tamieka Russell Absent: Tommy.

Assets Panel Minutes –

Assets Committee Fulfilling Minutes Committee People within the attendance: Chairman Tracy Wilburn, David Adams, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, Roger Reedy, Joyce Woodard, Larry Worsham Other Attendees County Manager Melissa Greene, Other.

Legislative Panel Minutes – (unapproved)

Legislative Committee Meeting Times Panel People from inside the attendance: Chairperson Stoney Jackson, David Adams (for Mike Cesarini with the secluded), Roger Reedy (to own Duane Jones, absent), Gayle Jones (to possess Tommy Pollard absent), Judy Pruett, Joyce.

RFP – Staff Insurance professional Functions

Public See Giles State is actually taking closed proposals for worker insurance coverage agent features. Getting requisite, excite contact Shana Woodard during the 931-363-5486 otherwise email address at all proposals should be obtained regarding the Office off Monetary.

Ag Park Panel Moments – (unapproved)

AGRI-Park Committee Moments – (unapproved) Panel representative attendees: Chairperson George Witt, Condition Exec Melissa Greene, Commissioners – Terry Harwell, Rodney Journey, David Wamble, Joyce Woodard and you may Larry Worsham Most other players – Mayor Pat.

Budget Committee Times – (APPROVED)

Funds Panel Appointment Times – (unapproved) ATTENDEES: Chairperson Erin Curry, Gayle Jones, Terry Harwell to have Judy Pruett (absent),Roger Reedy, David Adams to have Tim Risner (absent), David Wamble, Larry Worsham Almost every other: County Administrator Melissa.

Redistricting Panel Moments – (unapproved)

REDISTRICTING Committee Moments – (unapproved) Panel affiliate attendees: Commissioners – Duane Jones President, Erin Curry, Terry Harwell, David Wamble, Rose Brownish, Mike Cesarini, Gayle Jones, Almost every other Committee Players: Entrepreneurs: Willa.

College or university Committee Minutes – (APPROVED)

School Panel Times Out of Fulfilling – (unapproved) Panel Players: Commissioners Stoney Jackson, Chairman; Brad Butler, Mike Cesarini, Erin Curry;, Rodney Travel, Judy Pruett, Joseph Sutton Most other: State Manager Melissa Greene Almost every other.